Bảng thống kê danh sách bài báo đăng trên tạp chí Quốc tế năm 2013

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Tạp chí cấp Quốc tế
1 Simple iterative method for solving problems for plates with partial internal supports Trương Hà Hải, Đặng Quang Á In this paper we consider problems for retangular plates on oe and on two partial internal supports with two oppesite simply supported and two other edges clamped. The problems are modeled by the biharmonic equation with strongly mixed boundary conditions in the sense that there is a change of types of boundary conditions on the side of the rectangle. These boundary value problems lead to sequences of problems for the Poision equation with strongly mixed boundary conditions.  Springer Science Business Media Drodrecht 2013, Journal 10665-ENGI MS: 9652, Pages: 17
2 Genetic Algorithm for Solving Balanced Transportation Problem Nguyễn Thu Huyền, Lương Sĩ Ước, Rosaly B. Alday A transportation Problem is one of the most typical problems being encountered in many situations and it has many pratical applications. Many reseaches had been conducted nad many methods had been proposed to solve it. One of the most difficult challenge in solving the problem deals with inputting a very large volume of data. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJTEE), ISSN: 2278-3075, volume - 3, Issue - 4, Septemper 2013, pg 24-27
3 The structural and thermodynamic properties of Amorphous and Liquid Aluminum T.V. Mung, P.H.Kien, Trịnh Văn Hà, H.V.Huệ Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation study based on the embedded atom method (EAM) potiential is carried out to investigate the effect of temperature on the microstructure and properties of aluminum (Al). The microstructure and thermodynamic properties are analyzed through pair radial distribution function, energy peran atom, radius distribution of simplexes and the fraction of simplex types... International Journal of Enginerring and Technology Research, vol 1, No 10, November 2013, pg 178-185, ISSN:2327-0349 (online) Available online at www.ịeatr.org
4 Finding roots in Non-Cyclic finite groups as primitive for Digital signatures Đỗ Thị Bắc, Nguyễn Hiếu Minh, Nikolay A. Moldovyan Finding roots in Non-Cyclic finite groups is proposed as a new hard computational problem for designing fast digital signature. It is shown the finding the kth roots is difficult, if the valuek length is a sufficiently large prime and k2 divides the group elements order. The required non-cyclic finite groups are cóntructed in the finite vector spaces over the ground  finite fields introducing specail types of the vector multiplication operations.. Pensee Journal, vol 75, No 12, 2013, pg 255-263
5 A high speed block cipher algorithm Đỗ Thị Bắc, Nguyễn Hiếu Minh The block cipher BM-128 which is proved to be suitable to the applications in the wireless communication systems are proposed in this paper. It is developed based on SDDO which is constructed from CSPN.. International Journal of Security and Its applications, vol 7, No6/2013, pg 43-54
6 On the Existence of solutions to mixed pareto quasivariational inclusion problems Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Anh, Nguyễn Xuân Tân In this paper, we introduce mixed pareto quasi-variational inclusion problems and show some sufficient conditions on the existence of their solutions. As special cases, we obtain several results for different mixed pareto quasi-equilibrium problems, mixed pareto quasi-optimization problem and also mixed weak quasi-variational inclusion problems etc International publications USA, Advances in Nonlinear variational inequalities, Vol 13, number 2, 2013, pg 1-22
7 Improving naturalness of HMM-based TTS trained with limited data by temporal decomposition Phùng Trung Nghĩa, Phan Thanh sơn, Vũ Tất Thắng, Lương Chi Mai, Masato Akagi The most important advantage of HMM-based TTS is its highly intelligible. However, speed synthesized by HMM-based TTS is muffled and far from natural, especially under limited data conditions, which is mainly caused by its over smootness. Therefore, the moti vation for this paper is to improve the naturalness of HMM-based TTS trained under limited data conditions while preserving its intelligibility... IEICE trans. INF& SYST, vol.e96. no11, november 2013
8 An investigation on speed preception under effects of coarticulation Phùng Trung Nghĩa, Lương Chi Mai, Masato Akagi In this paper, we investigated the speech perceeption under effects of coarticulation within syllables, inclusding estimating the nuclei and coarticulated tránition intervals of phonemes, and investigating the pereeption of nuclei and coarticulated transition intervals of phonemes within syllables... International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, vol 4, No 4, August 2012, pg 532-536
9 On the stability of spectral target under effects of coarticulation Phùng Trung Nghĩa, Lương Chi Mai, Masato Akagi Coarticulation is a phônlogical phenomenon, always occurring in all sequences of sounds not separated by pauses. Analyses in coarticulation of speed reveal that articulation targets are incomplete articulatory targets of phonemes due to their sensitivity. In this paper, we firstly proposed a acoustical model of coarticulation of phonemes within syllables... International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, vol 4, No 4, August 2012, pg 537-541
10 A Study on Restoration of Bone-Conducted Speech in Noisy Environment with LP-based Model and Gaussian Mixture Model Phung Nghia Trung, Masashi Unoki, Masato Akagi The restoration of bone-conducted speech is a very important issue that enables robust speech communication in extremely noisy environments. We proposed a method of blind restoration in our previous studies based on s scheme of linear prediction with a method of training and prediction based on the simple recurrent neural network. However prediction based on neural netwworks is not suitable for training with large corpora. which is necessary for real applications... J. Signal Processing. 16(5), pp.409-417, 2012
11 Sum-of-Squares Stability Analysis of Takagi-sugenno Systems based on Multiple prolynomial Lyapunov Functions Kevin Guelton, Noureddine Manamani, Dương Chính Cương, Darius L.Koumba-Emianiwe In this paper, another step on relaxation for takagi-sugeno systems' stability analysis is addressed. Inspired from non-quadratic Lyapunov fuctions (NQLF), regarding to quadratic ones, amultiple polynomial Lyapunov fuction (MPLF) is proposed as an extension to polynimial Lyapunov fuction approaches. Following the latter post -LMI challenge, the obtained stability conditions are writen in terms of a sum-of-squares (SOS) optimization problem.... International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, Vol 15, No 1, march 2013, pg 34-41