Danh sách các bài báo đăng trên tạp chí quốc tế năm 2014


Stt Tên bài báo Tên tác giả Tạp chí đăng tải Số trang
1. Tạp chí khoa học cấp Quốc tế thuộc SCI 
1 Simple iterative method for solving problems for plates with partial internal supports Đặng Quang Á, Trương Hà Hải Journal of Engineering Mathematics 2014 Vol 86, No 1, pg 139-155
2  On optimality conditions for vector variational inequalities Đỗ Văn Lưu, Đinh Diệu Hằng Journal of Mathematics Analysis and Applications (SCI), 412 (2014), 792-804. (ISI) Volume 412, Issue 2, 15 April 2014, Pages 792–804
2. Tạp chí khoa học cấp Quốc tế thuộc SCI-E 
3 Optimization of an RFID location identification scheme based on the neural network Hsu-Yang Kung, Sumalee Chaisit, Nguyễn Thị Mai Phương International Journal of Communication Systems 11/2013, dol: 10.1002/dac.2692
4 Embedding the shapes of regions of interest into a Clinical Document Architecture document Nguyễn Hải Minh, Byoung-Kee-Yi, II Kon-Kim, Joon Huyn Song, Phạm Việt Bình Health Informatics Journal 9/2014, pg 1- 16
5 Efficient solutions and optimality conditions for vector equilibrium problems Đỗ Văn Lưu, Đinh Diệu Hằng
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research
April 2014, Volume 79, Issue 2, pp 163-177 
 Volume 79, Issue 2, pp 163-177 
6 A printed circuit board capacitive sensor for air bubble inside fluidic flow detection T.Vu Quốc, H.Nguyen Dac, Thinh Pham Quoc, D. Nguyen Dinh. T. Chu Duc Microsyst Technologies 10.1007/s00542-014-2141-8, vol 21, no 4, pg 911-918  
7 An Improved Learning Rule for Fuzzy ART Nông Thị Hoa, Bùi Thế Duy Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 2014 pg 713-726
8 Improving Learning Rule for Fuzzy Associative Memory with Conbination of Content and Association Nông Thị Hoa, Bùi Thế Duy, Đặng Trung Kiên Neurocomputing Volume 149, Part A, 3 February 2015, Pages 59–64
3. Tạp chí khoa học cấp Quốc tế khác 
9 Design of an intelligent location identification scheme based on Landmarc and BPNs Hsu-Yang Kung, Sumalee Chaisit, Nguyễn Thị Mai Phương World Academy of Sciense, Engineering and Technology 73/2013, vol 7, no 1 pg 258-263
10 Modified viscosity approximation methods with weak contraction mapping for an infinte family of nonexpansive mappings Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Anh East-West J. of mathematics vol 16, no 1 (2014), pg 1-13
11 Hand Posture Recognition Using Kernel Descriptor Nguyễn Văn Tới, , Thi-Lan Le, Thanh-Hai Tran, Rémy Mullot, Vincent Courboulay Procedia Computer Science.  Vol 39, 154–157 (2014)
12 An Efficient Combination of RGB and Depth for Background Subtraction. Nguyễn Văn Tới, Vũ Hải, Trần Thị Thanh Hải Some Current Advanced Researches on Information and Computer Science in Vietnam. Springer (2014 Volume 341, 2015, pp 49-6
13 Hierarchy supervised SOM neural network Applied for classification problem Lê Anh Tú Pensee Journal vol 76, no 6, jun 2014 pg 100-108
14 Hybrid model in the block cipher applications for high-speed communications network Đỗ Thị Bắc, Nguyễn Hiếu Minh Pensee Journal Vol 76, no 2, Feb 2014 pg 18-26
15 Finite time control of chaotic cellular neural network with uncertain parameters Đàm Thanh Phương, Phạm Thượng Cát Applied Mathematical Sciences, Journal for Theory Applications Vol 8, no 68, 2014, pg 3393-3403